FCP E71. The Importance of Managing Your Emotions with Haunani Ramil

This week’s episode is covering all things emotions.

  • Why it’s important to process your emotions
  • How building emotional stability can improve your fertility journey
  • The way in which suppressed emotions manifest on our bodies

Haunani Ramil is our resident Fertility Confidence Method Mindset Coach, as well as a Certified Mindset and Holistic Health Coach.

Haunani has a background in Integrative Nutrition and holds a Bachelor’s in Food Science and Human Nutrition-Dietetics. Haunani is qualified in Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neural Energetic Encoding, Somatic techniques and combines her background in Nutrition to excel the results for her clientele. After many years of suffering from anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, digestive disorders and hormone health issues, Haunani has healed herself with the power of the mind and holistic modalities that she now teaches other women. Haunani believes that we all have an innate ability to tap into our limitless potential and expand beyond limits of the subconscious to create the life and freedom we desire from within.

You can find out more about Haunani over on her website www.haunaniholistics.com , follow her on Instagram @haunaniwildflower or check out her podcast The House of Dreams.

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