FCP E79 Ask Kelsey – my bbt drips in my luteal phase, is that bad?

Welcome back to another episode of Ask Kelsey. This question comes from one of our listeners, and she asks: My BBT dips in my luteal phase, is that bad? I’m going to share some insights into how to read your BBT chart, what is “normal”, and putting all this information together! You can submit your…

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FCP E78. What to advocate for after a miscarriage

Trigger Warning: Miscarriage. Today’s episode comes after helping a couple of our clients move through a recent loss. The reality is, miscarriage is often still completely brushed off in mainstream medicine. So I wanted to share a few of the things we help our clients advocate for, regardless if they’ve had 1 loss or multiple…

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FCP E77. Can I exercise during my two week wait?

In this week’s episode of Ask Kelsey, a question from Instagram: Can I exercise during my two week wait? Find out some of the interesting research in this quick answer. Remember, if you want to ask a question for the Ask Kelsey segment you can do so at https://call.kelseyduncan.com/askkelsey Listen Now on Spotify: HERE Listen…

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FCP E76. What to do while you wait for a referral

In this week’s episode we cover what you can do while you wait for your fertility clinic referral. The short answer: if your gut is telling you to be proactive, let’s follow it. I share with you my top three tips of how to use this time wisely, especially if you feel like you aren’t…

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FCP E75. Ask Kelsey: Why do I get EWCM but not ovulate?

Welcome to our new podcast segment, Ask Kelsey! Where I take your questions and answer them using the science and my clinical experience. This week’s questions comes from an instagram follower and she wants to know “why do I get egg white cervical mucus but not ovulate?”. Want to send in a question for Ask…

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FCP E74. Navigating Egg Donation and Surrogacy with Leia Swanburg

This week’s episode goes out to our ladies who are navigating the world of surrogacy and donor eggs. One thing I’ve noticed since going through this particular part of the fertility experience with clients is there is not nearly enough resources out there. That’s why I was so excited to connect with Leia Swanburg, founder…

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FCP E73. Acne, Hormones and Your Fertility with Katie Stewart

This week’s episode is a special one. I finally got to sit down and have a very candid conversation with a friend of mine, Katie Stewart. Katie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of The Clear Skin Solution. She specializes in helping adult women (who’ve tried everything under the sun) clear up their chronic…

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FCP E72. 3 Ways to Improve Your Sperm Motility

This week’s episode is for the dudes… how can we get those swimmers swimming better! We cover: Give this one a listen and then share it with your partners. If you’re ready to go deeper and get support – for both you and your partner – on your fertility journey, schedule a call with our…

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FCP E71. The Importance of Managing Your Emotions with Haunani Ramil

This week’s episode is covering all things emotions. Haunani Ramil is our resident Fertility Confidence Method Mindset Coach, as well as a Certified Mindset and Holistic Health Coach. Haunani has a background in Integrative Nutrition and holds a Bachelor’s in Food Science and Human Nutrition-Dietetics. Haunani is qualified in Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), Emotional Freedom…

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