EP 39 What to do when shit gets hard

FCP E39. What To Do When Shit Gets Hard

Welcome back to the Fertility Confidence Podcast! We took a little break, but we are back and more inspired than ever. Today I wanted to take second and talk about what to do when shit gets hard. When it starts to feel hopeless.. and like there’s nothing else you can do. What do we do…

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FCP E37. Should you go to fertility therapy? Interview with Amira Posner

Welcome back to the Fertility Confidence Podcast. In this episode, I had a chance to sit down with Amira Posner and chat all things therapy. Amira is a fertility-focused therapist in Toronto, Ontario. She uses the mind-body connection and mindfulness-based techniques to support couples on their fertility journey. The framework of her approach to fertility…

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FCP E36 Demystifying IVF with Claire O’Neil

It can be incredibly helpful to understand the process and know all the facts before you make such a big decision on your fertility journey. So I am very excited to have Claire O’Neil join us in this episode to chat all things IVF. Claire is a former certified andrology and embryology lab scientist who…

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FCP E35. The mind-body connection with Dr. Kirstie Griffiths

In this week’s episode I had a chance to sit down with Dr. Kirstie Griffiths, a chiropractor, yoga instructor and best-selling author of the book “Back to Wellness: A mind-body approach to managing your back pain”. Dr. Griffith’s shared with us her wisdom on the connection between pain and mental health and how she supports…

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FCP E34. Cycle Syncing Part Four: The Menstrual Phase

Welcome back! In this week’s episode we are finishing off our cycle syncing series with part four – all about menstruation. Obviously, if you’re listening to this podcast and you’re TTC, entering the menstrual phase is not something we want. So how can we support our bodies during this emotionally draining time? In this week’s…

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FCP E33. Cycle Syncing Part Three: The Luteal Phase

Today is part three of our four part cycle syncing series. We’re going to be talking all about the luteal phase, or your two week wait, and how to nourish our body’s and honour our hormones during the time. In this episode we cover: – The luteal phase hormones – How to make our energy…

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Cycle Syncing Part Two: The main event in fertility

This is part two of our four part series on cycle syncing. Last week we harnessed the power of the follicular phase, and learnt just how important it is to pay attention to for the fertility journey. In this weeks episode we’re covering the main event: ovulation. We often don’t think of ovulation as a…

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Cycling Syncing Part One: The power of the follicular phase

This week is part one of a four part series on cycle syncing. We’re going to get into how to eat, move, and plan your schedule to honour your hormones throughout the month.  In this episode, we talk about: – The power of cycle syncing – The basics on proper tracking – How to harness…

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Using Hypnotherapy in your Fertility Journey with Christina Ricker

In this week’s episode of the Fertility Confidence Podcast, I get to chat with Certified Hypnotherapist, Christina Ricker. Christina graciously shared how hypnotherapy supported her on her own fertility journey as well as through her first miscarriage. She’s a big believer that everyone has the power to change their thoughts, feelings and behaviours to live…

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